Inside The Wall: Operation STASI – A State in Panic

the palace george cinemas

133-135 fitzroy st, st kilda

SATURDAY 29 may, 4.30pm - 6pm

A selection of Stasi (Ministerium für Staatssicherheit/ Ministry for State Security - East German Secret Police) films and a documentary that will provide an insight into Stasi machinations, and its influence on the public and everyday life.

See how the Wall was built as a result of the government’s fear and paranoia, follow a citizen´s observation and his imprisonment, be shocked and amused about shooting illustrations, and learn about driving a car professionally. This program reveals the entanglement of state power and oppression.

The Curator Matthias Groll (interfilm Berlin) will provide background information to the program and its films.


The Outlook

(DIE AUSSICHT): It’s 1965, a resident looks at the view: the Berlin Wall, barbed wire and ruined buildings. She talks about her life ...

1965 / 10 min

Genre Documentary

Director Kurt Krigar

Strategic Psychology

(OPERATIVE PSYCHOLOGIE): Checkpoint Charlie 1974: Border officials talk about the importance of their efforts and the shooting of an as...

1974 / 10 min

Genre Documentary

Producer Ministerium der...

Revisor - Unlawful Alliance

(REVISOR - UNGESETZLICHE VERDINDUNGSAUFNAHME): An analysis of communication between a citizen and a correspondent a West German TV stat...

1984 / 8 min

Producer Ministerium der...

Shooting Practice

(Schießübungen):A silent Stasi training film: Men in James Bond poses are ready, waiting and capable of everything.

/ 4 min

Producer Ministerium der...

Practical Security Training

(PRAKTISCHES SICHERHEITSTRAINING): excerpt from a Stasi training film. The simulation of a terrorist attack turns into a driving lesson...

1979 / 10 min

Genre Documentary

Producer Ministerium der...

Human Trafficking at the Northern State Border

(MENSCHENHANDEL STAATSGRENZE NORD):A Stasi training film accompanied by wild, jazzy music, reconstructs an episode of 'human traffickin...

1976 / 14 min

Producer Ministerium der...