What was it like?

Eight filmmakers with intellectual disability interview their parents about what it was like when doctors delivered the news of their diagnosis.
Genevieve Clay-Smith
Dianna La Grassa, Genevieve Clay-Smith
Aerlie Vade, Matisse Vade, Marcel Basha , Joanne Basha, Nathan Basha, Sharon Vosu, Liam Vosu, Estelle Kremer, Ricky Kremer, Audrey Morrison-Greet, Chloe Morrison-Greet, Dr Shaun Leighton, Jack Leighton, Wendy Campbell, Joni Campbell, Audrey Morrison-Greet, Mala Punnia-Moorthy, Dr A. Punnia-Moorthy, Sangeetha Punnia-Moorthy, Kevin Bell, Diane Bolduc, Shay Bell

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