Lady Bug (2007)

Having had an association with the Cannes Film Festival from the earliest point of here career (while at film school no less), it was no surprise that Campion was invited to participate in the fantastic portmanteau project that was To Each His Own Cinema. Commissioned by the festival itself, the overall work consists of 34 films all of 3 minutes duration from the likes of the Cohen brothers, Wong Kar-wai, Nanni Moretti, Gus Van Sant, Abbas Kiarostami and a host of others - including Campion who amazingly is the only woman represented in the 34! Charged with the duty of expressing "their state of mind of the moment as inspired by the motion picture theatre", Campion enlists the talent of our beloved Clayton Jacobson to produce an outstanding response in her own idiosyncratic way.
Jane Campion
3 mins