'Your Place' free filmmaking webinars

Participants of the St Kilda Film Festival’s Your Place Competition were invited to join filmmakers Grant Scicluna and Kelly Lefever in a series of FREE filmmaking workshops. If you missed out, never fear - you can catch the recordings below!

These workshops were designed specifically for filmmakers (emerging and established) from regional Victorian communities, to help them develop their films for entry into our Your Place Competition.

SESSION 1: Recipe for a film

What goes into making a good film? 2 cups of drama, a dash of truth and a sprinkle of special effects?

Join award-winning writer/director Grant Scicluna as he delves into the art of visual storytelling, sharing everything you need to know about sharing your story effectively and avoiding common mistakes.

SESSION 2: It starts on the page

So you’re going to make a short film... but where do you begin?  What do you want to say? What do you want your audience to feel when they see your film? And how do you make that work in just 3 minutes? It all begins with the story. Join screenwriter Kelly Lefever as she shares her practical tips on how to find your story, and how to tell it in a compressed timeline.  

SESSION 3: Screenwriting under pressure

Two weeks to make a short film! So now you know what the story is, how does that become a script? Kelly Lefever will explore the questions you’re considering… do you need dialogue? What constitutes a scene and how do you know when it is done? What are the most common mistakes people make when writing for the first time? And how do we structure a short piece? Building on your ideas Kelly Lefever will take you through the practicalities of writing your script and bringing your story to life.

SESSION 4: Directing 101

Having a vision for you film is one thing, translating that vision to the screen is a whole other beast. Grant Scicluna is back, this time talking all things directing.

As the director of your film you are the guide for your cast and crew, together making your film come to life. Join Grant as he shares his tips, tricks and insights into what works on and off the set.

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