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Terms and Conditions

St Kilda Film Festival Terms and Conditions

1. The St Kilda Film Festival short film competition only accepts Australian-made short film entries.

The Festival also accepts Australian co-productions where:
- a significant proportion of key crew are Australian, OR
- significant pre and post-production occurred in Australia, OR
- the film received significant funding from Australia

Australian co-production eligibility details must be detailed at the time of submission and the Festival has final decisions on eligibility. If you are unsure of eligibility, please contact the Festival office at filmfest@portphillip.vic.gov.au

2. St Kilda Film Festival accepts all fiction and non-fiction film genres.

3. Films submitted must be no longer than 40 minutes, inclusive of credits.

4. The Producer grants St Kilda Film Festival the rights to:

(a) Exhibit the film online for the duration of the Festival, in a programmed session available ‘on-demand’ from the St Kilda Film Festival website via the approved streaming platform. (Note the ticketing structure is still to be confirmed but there are likely to be free and low-cost sessions).

(b) Screen to a physical audience in a programmed session dependent on COVID conditions. Screening locations are to be determined but are likely to include both traditional and non-traditional screening venues. The 2021 St Kilda Film Festival will be a hybrid event and it is likely that most of the content will be exclusively screened online.

(c) Utilise a portion of the entered film for promotional purposes such as the trailer.

5. The Producer warrants to the St Kilda Film Festival that they have obtained all the necessary permissions to enter this film and that the film does not infringe the rights, including copyright, of any third party. This includes use of music and literary material.

6. All productions screened at 2021 St Kilda Film Festival must have been completed within 2 years of the entry closing date.

7. Entries cannot be withdrawn after Friday 5 March 2021. By submitting your film to the St Kilda Film Festival for consideration, you acknowledge this condition of entry and waive your right to withdraw your film from the Festival after this date.

8. If your film is selected for the Festival, you will be sent an email confirmation by March 2021.

9. The Festival strongly requests that selected films are removed from public viewing for the duration of the Festival campaign. This does not apply to existing agreements with other Festivals and online platforms.

10. As part of the online presentation of the event, the St Kilda Film Festival will be expanding its reach to a national audience. We do advise that all online festival content will be under a strict geo-blocked restriction limited to Australia only.

11. The St Kilda Film Festival has a commitment to ensuring equitable participation and inclusion. The Festival offers film submission waivers for films where the Director and/or Producer identify as being:
     • First Peoples
     • A person with disability
If this condition applies to your film please email filmfest@portphillip.vic.gov.au to receive your waiver code prior to completing your submission.