Mission Street – Music Video

Mission Streets is about community standing strong, and when I say ‘community’ – not just black fullas but also the broader community in addressing the scourge that continues to marginalise and expose peoples to the injustice of custodial systems.  This song to me comes from a pure and truthful place and I hope that it generates conversations about how do we police the police, how do we keep the system accountable. This speaks to that and also in minimising the deaths of our peoples who are incarcerated, which is extremely high – the highest in the world per capita. I speak passionately to this space – as the Dhadjowa Foundation chairperson, an organisation that I chair with other family representatives to which we assist families affected by black deaths in custody.  It is a beautiful organisation that comes from a pure place but also from a place of heartache and we continue to grow. Through that avenue but also my creative endeavours – music, theatre, my paintings – I will speak to this space until I close my eyes and cross over into my Dreamtime.

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