Cement is a collaboration between filmmaker Eva Otsing and choreographer Marni Green.

It investigates the desensitisation we experience from living in urban spaces. As Jonathan Watts writes in his article in The Guardian, 'Concrete is how we try to tame nature. Our slabs protect us from the elements. They keep the rain from our heads, the cold from our bones and the mud from our feet. But they also entomb vast tracts of fertile soil, constipate rivers, choke habitats and "acting as a rock-hard second skin" desensitise us from what is happening outside our urban fortresses.'

For the first time in history, over half of the world's population, including 90% of Australians, resides in urban areas. Inspired by the director's personal background in Väike-Õismäe, a brutalist suburb in Estonia, Cement features brutalist architectural elements and delves into the enduring impacts of such a formative environment.

The film unfolds within concrete and screen-filled spaces, adopting a visual style reminiscent of the futuristic sci-fi masterpiece "The Fifth Element" (1997) while paying homage to the experimental classic "La Jetée" (1962).

Cement also features fashion from the Melbourne-based label VERNER and music from electronic artists YL Hooi and Thom Pringle.
Eva Otsing
Marni Green
5 mins

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