Seven years after his short debut comes Tony’s first feature with the 52-minuter, Sadness.

In it we see Tony’s long-term interest in diasporic communities - in this case the times of part Chinese but Australian-born photographer, William Yang. Commencing in the awful period of the AIDS scourge in the 80s, the film is self-described as ‘A Monologue by William Yang’, William takes us through significant moments in his life and reflections told through a series of chapters and his wonderful photography.

Told with great gentleness and cultural respect, there’s more than a little commonality between first short and first feature with Sadness delivering an enormously rewarding slice of cinematic time.
Tony Ayres
52 mins

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  • Short to Feature: Tony Ayres - Double Trouble + Sadness

    14 Jun 8:30 PM

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