Anna and her lover Ryuji are happy on a Sunday morning. Then, out of the blue, Tsukumo, a second-hand book buyer, comes to the house to assess books on Rakugo (a form of comedic storytelling performance). Anna, who had forgotten that her husband Toshiro had requested it, has no choice but to invite Tsukumo in, leaving Ryuji as she goes to buy something to drink. While Tsukumo, a Rakugo fanatic, is delighted by the precious material on the bookshelves, Toshiro returns home earlier than planned. At that moment, Ryuji tries to pass himself off as Tsukumo and pretend to be a trader, just like in a Rakugo story…
Yohei SHIKANO (鹿野洋平)
14 mins

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