Voicemails Last Forever

*Trigger warning: This material deals with mental health specifically suicidal ideation.

Written by Jacqui Purvis, 'Voicemails Last Forever' is a film about two housemates who struggle to process the unexpected loss of their best friend and boyfriend after he died by suicide.

We wish to create a film that brings an honest, unfiltered portrayal of depression, suicide and grief, conveying how the effects differ with each person, but the underlying truth is the same- you are not alone. Exploring the idea that those suffering from clinical depression often do so alone, and those closest usually never know until it's too late. The film's goal is to hold up a mirror and encourage us all to reach out to our loved ones and ask them, "Are you okay?" even when you don't suspect suffering at all.
Brandon Keenan
Jacqui Purvis, Tim Williams
Jacqui Purvis, Bradley Walsh, Adam Rowland
16 mins

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