The Art of the Camera

One of the great subliminal elements of cinema is “the frame”. What happens in the frame and the way that action is composed is as important as what happens outside of that frame. It is essentially a balance of positive and negative space that forces the viewer to make choices about what is important, what isn’t and grasp a picture of the world that the characters presented inhabit.

While we all know there is no real choice for audiences who are compelled to look at precisely what the director wants them to look at, there are significant choices for that director and through them, the DoP. For this session, we’ve programmed a series of films from our 2024 program that exemplify these artistic and subliminal choices and we hear from the screen artists behind them. Through this, we explore the relationships between director and cinematographer, challenges faced and ultimately connections they make with audiences.

Films in this program include:

  • Darkness Rising 
  • Cement 
  • Phaedra 
  • High Country Quiet

Plus Q&A

The Backlot Studios - 165 Bank Street, South Melbourne
Saturday June 8
3:50 PM to 5:00 PM

The Backlot Studios