Paper Cuts

Everyone has had a job they hate, but for Parker and Jules their job is trying to kill them, literally!

When hard-working Parker presents her case for promotion to her boss, Derek, things don't quite go to plan. Instead of a pay rise she is given a task to prove herself: she must sort through the company's archives with the office slacker, Jules, and turn him into a team player by the end of the day. But when the two stumble upon the company's occult secret they unwittingly unleash a deadly Paper Monster. Now the two of them must learn to work together to cut the red tape and take down the personification of a bad workday.

A quirky supernatural black comedy in the vein of "Shaun of the Dead", "Army of Darkness" and "Zombieland" that explores the absurdity of the nine to five grind - and how we all need a little fun at work in order to survive.
Brendan Godfrey
Craig Jackson
15 mins

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