The Unrequited Life of Farrah Bruce

Farrah Bruce loves Love. She lives in a psychedelic fantasy world of colour, beauty, and new-age cliche. Her time is spent dreaming of love letters, grand gestures, meet-cutes in supermarkets, and perfect people who love her perfectly. However, her fantasy world often conflicts with the real one of mismatches and miscommunications, leaving her bereft and broken-hearted.

A brief, but grand, romance with Luca, a boy who enjoys art, film and music as much as he enjoys educating Farrah on these topics, ends in catastrophe. The aftermath lands Farrah at 'Humble Springs Realignment Centre', an excessively new age therapeutic facility, where she is forced to remove her rose-tinted love-heart sunglasses and reflect critically on her love life.
Daisy Anderson
Sarah Wormald, Alexander Lloyd
Daisy Anderson, William Mckenna, Alexander Lloyd
13 mins

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